Homeowner Citrus Tree Care Essentials

Lend Mother Nature a helping hand with the essentials needed for optimum tree growth, health, and fruiting.


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One easy package of everything needed:

  • Slow Release Fertilizer
  • Foliar Micronutrients
  • Insecticide/bactericide/fungicide
  • Dry Soil Amendment
  • Active Soil Drench
  • Plant Leaf Wash/Conditioner

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Happy, happy, happy!

"I've always wanted to have a garden, but never knew how I could living in an apartment and having no yard... This is the answer.“

Kristen, Orlando, FL

Out of the ballpark! Not only a home run, but a GRAND SLAM!!

"This is is a winner in so many ways. It keeps money in your pocket and gives you just enough of what you need when you need it.“

Jim, State College, PA


Just enough product at just the right time...

GrowScripts started with a simple idea: Just enough product for just the right time to helps everyone achieve a green thumb. We've cut down the size of product that would normally have to purchased and deliver what's proven by the professionals so that everyone can be successful at growing and harvesting what their most proud of:

 Fruits & vegetables that taste like no other!
Healthy plants that produce a bounty!

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