GrowScripts Launches Citrus Tree Care Kit

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HOWEY IN THE HILLS, (July 28, 2015) – GrowScripts, the company that believes in lending Mother Nature a helping hand, is proud to announce its development of a never before available Citrus Tree Care Kit that includes everything a homeowner needs to aid in caring for their prized possession just like the professionals do. These new Citrus Tree Care Kits offer consumers six essential products that aid in growing healthy citrus trees and join the fight against citrus tree decline across Florida and the United States.

GrowScripts has gone to the field for information, research and product knowledge to develop product combinations never before available to the consumer market. What this means is that homeowners can have success just like the pro’s do. “Consumers are asking for products, and information, to give them a leg up in caring for their citrus trees in the backyard or patio container… GrowScripts has built a product combination, along with how to information, that takes the guesswork out of what to apply and when to apply it” says Rich Johnston of GrowScripts. “What this means is that homeowners are better able to grow citrus trees in their backyard successfully.”

Included in the unique packaging of Growscripts Citrus Tree Care Kits are six products that include: A Slow Release NPK Fertilizer that lasts for months of continuous feeding; a beneficial soil amendment that helps to improve soil conditions and increase water retention; a foliar applied micronutrient that provides essential elements just like vitamins do for humans; a cold water extracted active carbon soil drench that provides beneficial soil biology and humic acid in an active state; a biodegradable soil and leaf conditioner that maximize plant efficiencies for optimal growth, flowering, and yield; and a natural extracted systemic insecticide/fungicide/bactericide/virucide that works inside and outside of the plant for insect and bacterial control.  In addition to the aforementioned product combination Growscripts places an emphasis on educational materials that explain each products benefit, and directions on how to apply the products, via a "feed the top" or "feed the bottom" approach. Also including within each kit is a detailed application calendar developed for the plants growing season. This unique packaging of GrowScripts Citrus Tree Care Kits enables consumers to purchase just the right amount of product for easy storage and real time applications of “Just the right product at just the right time” which is a huge deal when it comes to optimum tree health in the home settings.

GrowScripts Citrus Tree Care Kits are available at independent nurseries and Home Depot locations across Florida, South Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and on as a way to get homeowners the products and educational materials they have been asking for. Other small and large plant care kits are available for: Avocado, Blueberry, Gardenia, Mango, PeachTomato, Tropical Fruits and Wildlife Food Plots. The kits range in proce from $9 and $20.

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