What Our Customers Are Saying

I use Growscripts products on my "grove" in Ponce Inlet. My house is some 700 feet from the Atlantc Ocean so my "grove" grows pretty much in sand. I had quad bypassed in 2011 so I use my grove as exercise and a hobby. I've got lime, lemon, orange, cocktail, avocado, blueberry, mango, and this year, an almond and olive.
I even foliar spray other yard plants. All plants and trees love your products.
The avocado, in particular, clearly shows that it likes your products. Every time I spray the avocado, within 10 days there is clearly new leaf growth. I bought some competitors product at Home Depot but when I sprayed with that stuff, there was no growth seen on the mango tree.
Your products are clearly superior.
I am glad you now have a calcium spray as the tree's often show calcium deficient yellow leaves. Just spraying with your calcium nutrient, turns the leaves back green. The fruit off my trees are frequently much better tasting than any I can buy at any store.
Thanks for the great products.

— Jeff

It takes the guess work out of caring for your tree.  I purchased a cocktail tree in 2012 and cared for it with my kids.  As the small tree slowly grew we noticed unusual things happening with the leaves and watched the fruit drop off the tree when the fruit was the size of a pea.  I found GrowScripts and noticed the leaves stopped curling and there was plenty of new growth.  The process is fool proof.  They give you the product you need to apply.  5 stars for GrowScripts (*****)

— Brandt

Being totally new to citrus tree growing I found this product to be perfectly attuned to what I needed to get me started in taking care of my trees. I have noticed positive results in a short two weeks.

— Danny

I have loved your product and have used it since the day I got my lemon tree!

— Jed

Love the products. They've been great, and my tree was doing exceptionally. but i think my tree is toast now. not a leaf on it anymore.  too many moves into too many dramatic temperature and light changes.  it was an awesome tree. might very well try another.  as good as growscripts are, i don't think it can fix this. i'll keep you posted. thanks! :)

— Khatty

Love the program. Takes all the guess work out of caring for my citrus tree.

— Lionel

I applied it only a week ago and I can already see the difference!

— Lucy

I had just received my Meyer Lemon tree which had two flower buds on it. I put the fertilizer and soil additive packs on the soil and now a few weeks later the tree is full of buds, I just doused the soil with the next application and next week I will alternate with the two last sprays.  Very pleased with the product.

— Mary

I was searching online for a way to heal my nearly dead, Myer Lemon Tree when I found GrowScripts. I wasn't sure if anything could honestly help, my tree had no foliage, and the only hope I held tight to was that the lemon that was on the tree was still maturing properly. It has been two months now and, I have used the scripts as instructed, I couldn't be happier! My tree is thriving again, has new foliage, and is alive! This means more than anyone could ever know.

I have a special needs son who lives with many mental disabilities including, epilepsy and autism. It has been a long hard road of discovery as we learned his ASD diagnosis and many days I sat and cried looking at all the bad. I came up with a philosophy and stuck with it, "I love LEMONS!" No matter how many lemons life gives me I'm going to love them and focus on the little moments in each day that are good. That's when I was gifted this tree. The tree is my reminder that I can get through this with all three of my children. Thank you, GrowScripts for saving my smiles.

— Nichole

I got this lemon tree spring of 2014.  It had small lemons.  When I had to bring it in for winter last year it lost most of its leaves & lemons.  Very few leaves and 8 lemons stayed on plant all winter.  Lemons grew very slowly & finally were ripe enough to pick when I put the plant outside  in June and lemons grew larger.  The plant then proceeded to put on foliage as when I first received it.  It has flowered and now has baby lemons.  This is October and had to bring plant in because of 40 degrees at night.  I have received your product and used it for 2 months - no foliage drop.  I live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin closer to zone 3.  It seems to me this lemon tree is growing like it is in Florida???? 

— Risette

Not being very successful with plants, I love have your products. There's no guesswork or searching for the right treatment at the store, and your calendar reminds me that it's time to feed my plant. My plant looks healthy and beautiful.

— Ruth

Tried the one time application for starters and loved it.  Turned my bloom-less trees around! So easy for us citrus tree grower dummies. :-)

— Wanda