BURST Plant Food Nutritional Supplements

put a little Green Thumb
therapy in your environment

BURST Aromatherapy

Plant Food Leaf Spray


  • An aromatherapy experience in your environment in a new way! 
  • ScentScape! Match a scent to your plant or choose an aroma that piques your fancy. 
  • A 2-for-1 product that heightens the experiential value of a “chore.”
  • Enjoy the environmental experience while contributing to the health of plants.

Create an experience and...

Immerse Yourself.

  • Now you can use mixtures of naturally sourced fragrances and a plant-sourced nutrient base to feed and care for plants indoors and on the patio.
  • BURST can be used by spraying directly to your plant’s foliage.
  • Safe for kids, pets, and the environment when used as directed.

Enhancing Your Experience With


Behind the product

Organic fertilizers or other plant care products are recognized as including essential nutrients; however, such nutrients are often derived from animal components such as urea, bone meal, worm castings, animal manure, and fish emulsions. Many times, they are associated with an immediate and lingering unpleasant odor. When fertilizers are applied, the lingering malodors of animal-sourced nutrients can be particularly objectionable when tending plants in indoor spaces.

BURST is created to marry fragrance and plant nutrition to eliminate unpleasant smells that accompany plant treatment ingredients in today’s marketplace, and replace them with an experience of Aromatherapy in the garden.

Impart pleasant smell-release at application, and over time, with the use of a patent-pending scented fertilizer formula.