We love talking shop and giving advice. Our approach at GrowScripts is to provide the right tools for the job when it comes to green thumb success. That is why we’ve built care kits that encompass everything needed to care for plants, plus an application calendar specific to the variety of plant you are growing. From time to time, we are asked to consult on a more extensive case. That is why we are offering our consulting by blocks of time. If you have questions that are more in-depth than what you can find throughout our website, this may be something for you… Of course, we will always welcome a friendly phone call asking the basics. Consider reaching out to see if our consulting is a good fit.

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Who will you talk to? 

Rich Johnston (@grojoh), the owner of GrowScripts, will be the person you talk with. Coming from advertising, branding and marketing in the start of his career Rich kicked-off his road to building a company that lends a helping hand (GrowScripts) by garnering pivotal experience in higher education where he worked for Penn State Outreach Marketing and Communications developing brand and marketing programs for undergraduate and graduate degree programs. This parlayed into the Ag industry upon his move to Florida nearly a decade ago…

Rich’s experience of working for a top micronutrient company, in the Ag industry, is what encouraged him to open GrowScripts doors. Today, with a few years of GrowScripts under his belt, Rich has delivered quality products from the Ag industry to homeowners and enthusiasts alike.

Rich’s experience of working for a micronutrient company, and developing the consumer side of a plant nutrition product, is what afforded him the opportunity to bring commercially viable products direct to the consumer. His belief of combining “smaller packaging” and “how-to information” in simple care kit packages and is what drives GrowScripts success. His products are developed to answer the question we all sometimes ask: How do I?

Today Rich is here to have dialogue and discussions with you about your plants and the importance of feeding and nutrition. By working with you to evaluate what is going on, you will have the opportunity to learn the science behind a program approach toward plants; and then apply those techniques in your environment for:

  • A systematic approach toward growing
  • Bringing back sick plants (if we can…)
  • Holding fruit and bloom
  • Feeding the top
  • Feeding the bottom