GrowScripts Results

  • Lantana After 2 Treatments of GrowScripts

    lantana• Evoke Surfactant/Adjuvant
    • T-GUARD Bactericide, Fungicide, Insecticide
    • Essential Plant Foliar Micronutrient Nutritional
  • 3 Weeks Difference

    3weeksGrowScripts Micronutrient Mix Applied Via Foliar Application
  • Deeper, Richer Greens

    colorGrowScripts Foliar Applied Micronutrient Nutritional
  • Healthy Growth and Leaf Formation

    hedgeBringing Back Orange Jasmin Hedge - Foliar Fertilizer & Foliar Micronutrients
  • Fruit Size

    fruit sizeA GrowScripts Growing Schedule Delivers Results for Homeowners
  • Citrus Tree Growth

    citrus tree
    1. Trimming the tree and replanting it in a new location for research.
    2. 3 weeks of vigorous GrowScripts treatment — Nutrition, fertilizer and insecticide to help the tree get a good start.
    3. Continued GrowScripts feeding schedule of fertilizer, nutrition, and phosphite product — Based on the GrowScripts growing schedule.
  • Micronutrient + Evoke Surfactant Treatments

    rosesTurn around after 3 months with foliar treatment of Micronutrients and Evoke Sufactant/Adjuvant at 1-FL Ounce and 1/2 Ounce Evoke mixed together in spray tank
  • Foliar Feeding

    flowersMicronutrients, Foliar NPK Plant Food and T-Guard Insect Control
  • Scheduled Care

    lawnGrowScripts Fertilizer and Nutrition Schedule

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