Citrus Tree Symptom Checker

Possible Diagnosis Suggested Products
  • Defoliation
  • Fruit drop
  • Blemishes on fruit
  • Blister like lesions on fruit
  • Round holes in leaves
  • Raised corky lesions on fruit
Citrus Canker (Leaf)
Citrus Canker (Fruit)
  • Yellowing along the veins of normal sized leaves
  • Blotchy-mottle on leaves
  • Chlorotic (yellow leaves)
  • Out of season flushing and flowering
  • Dieback in severe cases
  • Small lopsided fruit
  • Unpleasant fruit flavor
  • Fruit not coloring properly
Citrus Greening (Leaf)
Citrus Greening (Fruit)
Foliar Micronutrient
  • Dieback
  • Defoliation
  • Leaves show brown spots surrounded by yellow
  • Blackening of leaf veins
  • Fruit drop
  • Sunken brown/black spots with yellow halo on fruit

Alternaria Brown Spot

  • Corky outgrowth on leaves, shoots, and fruit
  • Wart like growths
Citrus Scab Copper
  • Spores on underside of leaves
  • Yellow spots on upper side of leaves
  • Irregular brown blisters that have a greasy appearance
  • Leaf drop
Greasy Spot Copper
Foliar Micronutrient
  • Bark peeling at ground level
  • Redish-brown resin from trunk
  • Black thin mat on fruit and/or leaves
Sooty Mold Valet
  • Little bugs on plant
Aphids Imidacloprid
  • Curling leaves
  • Serpentine mines on the leaves
  • Silvery film over the mines
Citrus Leafminer Imidacloprid
  • Leaf distortion and curling
Citrus Psyllid Imidacloprid
  • Small Fruit
  • Brownish/Rust looking fruit
Citrus Rust Mite Valet
  • Light yellowish green leaves
  • Slightly large veins
  • Thin leaves
  • Greener new leaves than older leaves
  • Thin canopy
  • Small fruit crop
Nitrogen Deficiency Foliar Micronutrient
  • Disconnected yellow areas on leaves
  • Irregular yellow blotches near midrib of mature leaves
  • Inverted V shape pointed on the midrib
Magnesium Deficiency Foliar Micronutrient
  • Wet soil
  • Yellow leaves with green veins
  • Reduced leaf size
Iron Deficiency Foliar Micronutrient
  • Irregular green bands along the midrib and main veins of leaf
  • Small yellow splotches on leaves
Zinc Deficiency Foliar Micronutrient
  • Lighter green pattern on leaves with veins still being dark green
  • Irregular sized leaves
Manganese Deficiency Foliar Micronutrient

The information above is referenced from HS876, one of a series of the Horticultural Sciences Department, UF/IFAS Extension. Original publication date June 2002. Revised August 2013. Visit the EDIS website at