Quite a few herbs can grow in pots for several years and that is why we encourage you to get your green thumb on! Basil, mint, parsley, chives and rosemary name a few that will stick around for years if treated right. Growing herbs can be fun especially when done in tiny containers or even as window – imagine the possibilities of growing them outdoors on the patio or balcony. Here are some growing suggestions for those little spices to kick up your gourmet chef appeal at home:

TransplantLiquid Micronutrient Nutritional (a.k.a. Vitamins) Mixed In With Water; T6 NPK Granule Plant Macronutrients
At Watering936 Macro NPK Plant Nutritional Mixed In With Water
Pre-BlossomCalcium-Magnesium-Boron for Bloom
Post-BloomT6 NPK Granule Plant Macronutrients
2-Weeks AfterLiquid Micronutrient Nutritional (a.k.a. Vitamins) Mixed In With Water

*The above chart is a condensed version of the complete GrowScripts recommended program. Inside our kits is a calendar with suggested application times; our monthly prescription programs deliver complete GrowScripts grow program