Grow your own peach tree in a small space or out in the backyard to enjoy fresh peaches come harvest time. It’s doable to grow a peach in a container on the balcony/patio; but even more accomplishable growing on in the backyard. With simple direction and the right products many can grow fruit they know what has been put on them, fruit that tastes like no other, and fruit that the family can enjoy harvesting together. We want to help you start a “farmers market” in your backyard! Here are some tips on feeding, care, and plant nutrition to get you started right:

BloomCalcium-Magnesium-Boron for Bloom
Fruit SetCalcium-Magnesium-Boron, Phite,
Thinning (Thinning fruit for larger ones to grow)Micronutrient Nutritional, Calcium-Magnesium-Boron, Trivium 18-5-10 Control Release Macro Feed
After Harvest & PruningMicronutrient Nutritional, Trivium 18-5-10 Control Release Macro Feed

*The above chart is a condensed version of the complete GrowScripts recommended program. Inside our kits is a calendar with suggested application times; our monthly prescription programs deliver complete GrowScripts grow program