Our Roots Are Growing Well.

We started with overall plant care by working in the commercial agriculture industry for years before venturing out to help homeowners with green thumbs. Since our move to help friends and neighbors we are told that our ambitions are true to the core; our product developments have been sought for years.

Simple products that are easy-to-use

The story of GrowScripts begins almost a half decade ago when the convergence of advertising, education, and agriculture happened on the career path of our founder. Insights and trends from each of these industries grew a core business approach that seamlessly integrates the framework GrowScripts is built on — one of utilizing progressive technologies to deliver tools, products and information that everyone can use to be successful at nurturing and growing.

“GrowScripts was created to provide just the right amount of product for just the right time. We reduced the product sizes and combined them into one kit for season long care. That is the difference with GrowScripts: reduced waste, minimize storage needed, and educate.”

 Rich Johnston, GrowScripts

Ensure macro- and micro- nutrient distribution over an extended period of time with applications of NPK plant food.

Minor elements are essential in plant metabolism and fertility. Just like vitamins for humans plant can use the “essentials” for health and vigor.

Providing beneficial soil biology and humic acid in an active form directly from Mother Nature that reinvigorates depleted soil, encourages healthy soil biology and increases cation exchange capacity.

Beneficial constituents that can improve soil conditions and increase water retention. Derived from naturally occurring active carbon peat humus to provide carbon that can feed soil biology, help hold nutrients in the root zone and increases cation exchange capacity.

A safe product extracted from natural ingredients that uses Mother Natures elements to aid in the defense of insect pressures and bacterial attacks.

Remove dust and sediment deposits that hamper uptake of foliar applied products and reduce absorption of the suns rays needed for growth.

Proprietary product calendar that names products and helps guide when to apply products for the right time.

Farm Tested

At the onset of GrowScripts we went to the field in order to test our products. These partnerships with growers are what have shaped us and we will continue to embrace this platform for the continued development and delivery of proven products.

Just Right for Just the Right Time!

“We don’t sell products. We lend a helping hand…” GrowScripts was started on one simple premise… To give us homeowners the same success as professional growers. While still building the GrowScripts model my biggest interest is to deliver stellar products, and how to information, for green thumb success.
As a result since we’ve embarked on delivering revolutionary product combinations never before available our products have helped countless succeed! From handy care kits that encompass everything needed to grow their fruit trees, to stand alone products formulated from top quality ingredients, we are still being told that we are spot on when it comes to homeowners growing their prized possessions in their backyard.

Richard T. Johnston, Sr.,CEO & Founder

What We Believe

At our core we are about nurturing the nurturer

It does not matter if it is one plant a balcony in the city or a raised bed in the back yard we are here to lend a helping hand—and that happens with our combined products and easy to follow directions.


Micronurtients (a.k.a. Vitamins)

Soil Amendments

All-natural insect controls

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Our Mission

To deliver green thumb success across the land and lending Mother Nature a helping hand.

Our Solution

Delivering proven products, and how to information, that homeowners can use just like the grower.

Our Values

Everyone has a nurturing side… Our values are built around nurturing the nurturer.

Increasing smiles with GrowScripts

What we do

Your green thumb is what we do

2 easy steps with GrowScripts. We make it simple by feeding the top and feeding the bottom of your plants for overall health, vigor and harvest.

1- Spread dry products such as control release fertilizer or dry soil amendments at the base of your plant.

2 – Spray the leaves with micronutrinets and helper products for optimization of plants above the ground.

“I wish I would have taken before and after pics to show you, its a WOW for me.” -Vanessa