Contains everything needs for an entire growing season. Kits include fertilizer, soil amendment, soil drench, foliar nutritional spray, foliar wash to improve photosynthesis and T-Guard a natural insecticide plus a 12-mo. calendar for application times.

Contains the essentials needed to build, or replenish, a great foundation in the raised bed or container. Kits may include control-release fertilizer, granule fertilizer, foliar nutritional spray or a foliar bloom spray with detailed application instructions.

No More Worries. We Give You Everything Needed For A Growing Season!

“We don’t sell products. We lend a helping hand…” GrowScripts was started on one simple premise… To give homeowners the same success as professional growers. When building the GrowScripts model my biggest interest was to deliver stellar products, and how to information, for green thumb success.
As a result we’ve embarked on delivering revolutionary product combinations never before available. From handy care kits that encompass everything needed to grow fruit trees, to stand alone products formulated from top quality ingredients, we are always being told that we are spot on when it comes to homeowners growing their prized possessions in their backyard.

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Introducing a conveniencethat overpowers everything.

We are all busy. We all forget. But what if you had everything needed to care for your little kid friend. 👍

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Our Plant Care Kits Include Everything

Never before have customers been able to purchase easy-to-use care kits for trees and plants. GrowScripts delivers product combinations that show results with industry proven products in just the right size. Now backyard and patio growers can enjoy the same quality and success as the pro’s.

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