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Your plant is like a supervisor, and the soil microbes (within the soil microbiome) are the various workers that perform jobs to aid in plant growth and plant health. Therefore, they become tired over time and could need an additional boost to kickstart the process of a sustainable microbiome.

For example: Plant –>mycohrrizae–>good bacteria–>water, oxygen, carbon, nutrients.

To put it, you will grow bigger, healthier plants because you use Microbiome Boost.


What Exactly Is Microbiome Boost?

Microbiome Boost is a humic substance that affects shoot growth. It affects multiple plant processes like photosynthesis, respiration, protein metabolism and activities of enzymes, uptake of water and nutrients.

In fact, microbes in the microbiome recycle the primary elements that make up all living systems, especially carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. The microbes: first, eat carbon; second, work with carbon; and third, sequester carbon in the soil.

The plant needs nutrients and uptakes them more efficiently by forming relationships with microbes in the microbiome. Interactions between plants and microbes improve the plant immune system.

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Grow Bigger, Healthier Fruit Trees and Vegetable/Berry Plants

  • Microbiome Boost is humic matter that contains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, with small amounts of nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus.
  • The plant guides the microbes (which guide different microbes) to nutrients, water, carbon, and any other resources they need at the time.

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