Lavender Scented Plant Food Supplement – 2oz Pump Spray


Immerse yourself in what you love! BURST Lavender Scented Plant Food Supplement is a new experience in home plant care. A first-of-its-kind fertilizer supplement that brings a burst of aromatherapy to a whole new level.

Because our focus is always on the health of plants, this naturally sourced nutritional spray includes a BURST of scent that puts your favorite smell in the atmosphere. The unique part is that plants are fed top-grade ingredients directly from nature.

  • First, feed your plants what they need; a supplement to use in addition to fertilizing.
  • Second, match a scent to your plant, or choose an aroma that piques your fancy.
  • Third, experience a BURST of Lavender that fills the room upon use.

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We’ve always believed in Nature-Friendly products, so that is the path we took when formulating BURST—a unique scented plant food nutrient line. The BURST lavender-scented plant food formula combines plant extracted nutrients and oils for a unique BURST of scent experience.

The benefits of using BURST come in many ways:

  1. Feeding plant-derived elements (i.e., vitamins for plants) to an all-natural scent combined within the product to deliver a burst of aromatherapy in a whole new way.
  2. We’ve developed this patent-pending formula to turn a “chore” into an experiential opportunity.
  3. Everyone can enjoy the time spraying plants with BURST Plant Nutrition Supplement.

The BURST Lavender Scented Plant Food Formula Is:

The major component of the formula is a plant-derived liquid. This liquid extraction provides base nutritional elements directly from nature. Therefore, there is no harsh processing in extracting these elements in our unique process. In addition, the scent part is combined at formulation and derived from essential oils. Think Lavender, Lemon, Eucalyptus, and such.

The plant based ingredients used in the making of BURST are:

First, many plants are helpful in the making of our BURST scented formula. From barley to buckwheat and hemp to yucca (plus many others we have analyzed for species specific plants), we have developed a way to combine all the elements within the bottle to feed the plant and feed the soul with great aromas in our surroundings.

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Weight 10.00 oz

2-oz Lavender Foliage Spray, 1-oz Lavender Concentrate


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