Foliar 9-3-6 NPK Fertilizer

growscripts allpurpose liquid fertilizer

Give your plants what they crave. A MUST HAVE for preventing and correcting plant health problems.

All-Purpose Complete Fluid Plant Food/Fertilizer Formulated with macro- & micro- elements that, support GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT & PRODUCTION via this single product.

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18-5-10 Slow Release NPK Fertilizer

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Coated to assure macronutrient distribution over an extended period.

Inadequate nutrition is one of the most serious problems faced by homeowners growing plants. With top quality ingredients TRIVIUM 18-5-10 Slow Release Fertilizer is bound to make a difference in growing success. This product is based on the same product that nurseries use and may last up to 6-8 months.

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15-5-10 Granular Fertilizer

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The foundation needed for growing trees and plants of any size.

Developed to assure distribution of elements needed in the right form for plants grown in pine bark or bark incorporated soils and heavy feeders.

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Phite Foliar

growscripts phite Balance your plants health and vigor.

PHITE is intended to work as a foliar treatment used in addition to regular macro and micro nutritional feedings to promote a balance of plant health and plant vigor. Upon foliar application, PHITE is taken up directly by the plant foliage and may undergo a degree of conversion to phosphate ions, or will be used directly by plants, as phosphite ions.

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