Products for Growing Gardenias

Gardenia Feeding/Care Calendar

  J F M A M J J A S O N D
18-5-10 Slow Release Fertilizer     Apply between early March and the end of September      
Retain Soil Amendment     Apply at time of planting or at time of fertilizing      
Calcium-Magnesium-Boron    Spray leaves when pinhead sized blooms are present
Micronutrient Nutritional Spray leaves to the point of run-off (Can be used any time to correct nutrient defficiencies)
Valet Soil & Leaf Conditioner Apply in a "washing" approach to reduce sediment
T-Guard Insecticide, Bactericide  Use to ward of insect and disease pressures

GrowScripts Kits for Gardenias

gardenia clear

FEEDS 1 - 30 GAL; 2 - 10 GAL; 4 - 5 GAL, 3 GAL OR PATIO READY; 8 - 1 GAL

6 Products + Application Calendar
Detailed 12 month application calendar
18-5-10 Slow Release Fertilizer Covers Aproximately 7.5 Sq. Ft
Retain Beneficial Soil Amendment Covers Aproximately 7.5 Sq. Ft
Calcium-Magnesium-Boron - Liquid concentrate makes 1/2 Gal product
Foliar Micronutrient Nutritional - Liquid concentrate makes 1/2 Gal product
Valet Plant Conditioner - Liquid concentrate makes 1/2 Gal product
T-Guard Contact Insecticide/Bactericide - Liquid concentrate makes 1/2 Gal product

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