Lowe's Home Improvement Makes Top Grade Fertilizer, Plant Care Products and Innovative Fruit Tree Care Kits Available at Strategic Locations Across Florida

GrowScripts care kits for Citrus and Fruiting Trees are available at strategic locations across Florida.

"Homeowners can care for orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit citrus trees in the backyard, and on the patio like never before." Says Rich Johnston. "Customers are able to get 6 great products in one kit at the fraction of cost it would take to purchase individually— and these are products never before available to the consumer market."

GrowScripts Citrus Tree Care Kits offer six top notch products, in just the right size. There is no waste which eliminating environmental impact. And using GrowScripts products – in a proactive way – cultivates success. GrowScripts Citrus Tree Care Kits have a slow release (6-8 mo.) fertilizer, a dry soil additive, liquid micronutrients, a cold water extracted soil drench concentrate, and a plant conditioner and an all natural insecticide that provide season long care.

What's in the Lowes Citrus Tree Care Kits by GrowScripts:

  • Slow Release Fertilizer - Lasts for 6-8 months, continuously feeds, and is brought to the consumer market from the professional market. Many people seek the "green" fertilizer and this is the only place they can get it.
  • Dry Soil Amendment - Used as a soil additive this product is sprinkled at the base of the tree to aid in water and nutrient retention. What this means is that fruit trees are getting a product that helps around the roots.
  • Foliar Micronutrient - A super concentrated liquid product that is mixed with water and sprayed on the leaves of the tree or plant. Micronutrients are important in fruit tree care as they are the vitamins needed for optimum health. Even though fertilizers have micronutrients in foliar treatment is effective in getting what the tree/plant needs right away and contrary to belief, micronutrients sprayed on the leaves of a plant are translocation (relocated) by the tree to where they are needed most.
  • Soil Drench - A liquid concentrate that is mixed with water and drenched around the base of the plant. This product is cold water extracted from active carbon humus and provides good stuff that is generally depleted from soil over time.
  • Leaf Conditioner - A helper product that is used to clean plant leaves for better photosynthesis. What it does is cleans sediment, but also helps like a soap against pests and dirt.
  • All Natural Insecticide - Derived from plant essential oils this product is super concentrated and when mixed with water aids in fungus control, insect control, and even bacteria. The activity of natural products such as GrowScripts is great because it is not a harsh chemical and it has the ability to keep plants healthy.

Overall optimization of a plants health is directly related to the proactive care of the plant. GrowScripts provides the right products for proactive care that considers every aspect of total tree care. The products included in the care kit are super concentrate and go a long way which eliminates sized products and overall cost. Liquid products combine to make a total of 2 gallons of sprayable products and the slow release fertilizer goes for 6-8 months of continuous feeding. Shop your local Lowe's Home Improvement store to get the best Orange, Lemon, Lime or Grapefruit Citrus Tree Care Kit you are looking for. Click here for a list of Lowe's locations that cary the GrowScripts fertilizer care kits.

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