We are champions for plant food nutrition...

We believe in optimizing a plant’s potential. Above all, we want to enable green thumb success, we’ve created product combinations (for instance, the all-in-one care kit that comes along with a calendar) that remove all the guesswork. Therefore, our programed approach helps everyone understand how and when to apply plant food nutrition and plant care.

First, GrowScripts nurtures right alongside Mother Nature. Secondly, we know that you're busy. Thirdly, we know that you want to care for your plants. Finally, we are here for plant food nutrition.

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At GrowScripts, we want to deliver the right product combinations needed for a successful growing adventure -- Plants Eat Too. Therefore, we minimize waste. In conclusion, you never worry about where to store all that "stuff" anymore.

Convenience trumps everything, and we have a passion for what we do. Therefore, the convenience of GrowScripts products brings a modern approach to plant food nutrition.​

GrowScripts is Farm Tested.
Above all, It Is Easy-To-Use.

GrowScripts plant food nutrition products are available for a wide variety of plants. Above all, our plant food products provide the right nutrients, at the right time, throughout the growing season. Did you know “plants eat too” and need a balanced diet? In other words, there’s no reason to wait anymore. Therefore, you need to get GrowScripts TODAY!

GrowScripts Plant Food Nutrition

“GrowScripts plant food nutrition products are created to provide just the right amount of product for just the right time. In addition, we’ve reduced the product sizes and combined things into kits for season-long care. In other words, the difference with GrowScripts: is that we reduced waste, minimize storage needs, and educate along with the adventures of growing.”

— Rich Johnston