Our Mission

To deliver green thumb success across the land and lending Mother Nature a helping hand.

Our Solution

Delivering proven products, and how to information, that homeowners can use just like the grower.

Our Values

Everyone has a nurturing side… Our values are built around nurturing the nurturer.

About GrowScripts

The story of GrowScripts begins almost a half decade ago when the convergence of advertising, education, and agriculture happened on the career path of our founder. Insights and trends from each of these industries grew a core business approach that seamlessly integrates the framework GrowScripts is built on — one of utilizing progressive technologies to deliver tools, products and information that everyone can use to be successful at nurturing and growing.

Problem = Solution

The age-old analogy, “if there is a problem there is a solution” fits perfectly with GrowScripts success. It’s about lending a helping hand when it comes to growing the prized possession that takes the blue ribbon at the county fair. Think back to those images of massive pumpkins that barely fit into the red flyer wagon and those cornstalks two times a human’s height. Everyone is in awe of these very things. The first thing that comes to mind is… How did they do that? GrowScripts answers that question by delivering a system that cultivates success.

The Challenge Is On…

Everyone wants to be successful. We all have a nurturing desire to some degree. As humans we are in constant search for information and tools that will make us the best at what we do. GrowScripts uses today’s technology and delivers on that premise — providing tools, tips, and tricks that enable growing success.

How is GrowScripts different?

GrowScripts started with a simple idea: Delivering just enough product, and how-to information, that helps everyone achieve a green thumb. We cut down the size of product that would normally have to purchased… As a result GrowScripts saves homeowners hundreds of dollars by delivering just the right amount of product for the individual time of application. Gone are the shelves in the barn scattered with two or more of the of the same product because they have been forgotten… Gone are the days that urban container gardeners have to worry about where they are going to put that 50-lb. bag of granular fertilizer in their studio apartment.

That’s the premise of GrowScripts. Delivering products and information proven by professionals so that everyone can be successful at growing and harvesting what they’re most proud of:

  • Healthy plants that produce a bounty!
  • Fruits & vegetables that taste like no other!


“We don’t sell products. We lend a helping hand…” GrowScripts was started on one simple premise… To give homeowners the same success as professional growers. When building the GrowScripts model my biggest interest was to deliver stellar products, and how to information, for green thumb success.

As a result we’ve embarked on delivering revolutionary product combinations never before available. From handy care kits that encompase eveything needed to grow fruit trees, to stand alone products formulated from top quality ingredients, we are always being told that we are spot on when it comes to homeowners growing their prized possessions in their backyard.

Superior Formulas for Feeding and Protecting

We’ve gone to the grower to deliver products proven in the field. The result is that you get superior products for achieving green thumb success.