Be Proactive Not Reactive. Healthy Plants Equal Healthy Fruits and Vegetables.

Gardening can be very rewarding, especially when receiving compliments on how well you are handling your gardens problems with preventative measures and effective remedies. I believe the following issues are the keys to proactive growing and gardening.


Plants are like humans; they need proper nutrition. Think of it as a prescription. Either way, proactive or reactive medications are used every day by humans. Plants can fall in line with this thinking as there are sometimes symptoms that display themselves as yellowing leaves. It is how this yellowing appears that tells us what “prescription” our plants may need to bounce back.

Soil Quality

Healthy soil is a critical factor for successful plant growth. Here are some things to take note of regarding the health of your soil.

  • Because topsoil can be brought in from many different sources for each house in a housing development, what’s good for your neighbor may not be suitable for you when it comes to your lawn and garden.
  • Container plants are even more at risk of losing their soil nutrition over time.
  • Too much, or too little fertilizer on the ground may cause binding of nutritional elements like iron, boron, and zinc, making them unavailable and useless in the growth cycle of your plants.

Foliar Application

Applying a traditional fertilizer week-after-week may create a toxic environment for your plants. I believe the best way to achieve excellent plant growth is through foliar application of micronutrients coupled with slow-release fertilizers. Applying fertilizer and nutritional supplements directly to the leaf of your plant allows for quicker absorption into the plant’s system. This can be compared to how we use a topical antibacterial spray or cream to a cut or scratch to help fight infection.


Any plant will benefit from the foliar application. It can be a useful measure on your lawn, your landscape, as well as your prized possessions growing inside a greenhouse.


The best time to apply is early in the morning or right at dusk. Spraying a foliar nutrient in the middle of the day increases the chances that your plants will suffer leaf burn.


The spray quickly assimilates into the plants providing quick uptake of the nutrition your plants need. Additionally, runoff of the spray drips down into the root zone and is there when your plants need the residual nutrients.

In closing, foliar-applied nutritional’s can be your proactive approach to eliminating headaches of sickly plants. Even though reactive is sometimes an issue to deal with, you can turn that into a proactive approach by correcting the issue and then preventing it from there on out. The show of a symptom is something that we should pay attention to as it is a clear indicator that there is something going on that may not be able to be corrected in a one time treatment or you may have to treat for the deficiency for the life of the plant because of the conditions where the plant is.


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