Plant Tip – Calamondin Citrus Tree


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for Calamondin Citrus
  • Calamondin is widely cultivated in the Philippines
  • Also known as Calamansi (Kalamansi)
  • It also grows in the northern part of Indonesia and southern China
  • Introduced from China around 1900
  • 1960’s potted Calamondins have been shipped from Florida to the Northern states for use as houseplants
  • Used in the US for ornamental purposes and often as a bonsai specimen
  • Keep leaves dust-free to prevent mite and scale infections
  • Considered a dwarf orange variety usually grown indoors
  • Ever bearing


  • Must be hand-pollinated to bear fruit (self-fertile, not requiring cross-pollination)


Zone – 8-11
Temp – 70 to 90 degrees F (temps below 55 could effect growth)
Cold Hardy – 20 degrees F
Water – Like most citrus plants do not overwater! Place in a well draining pot and allow the soil to dry to a depth of 1in before watering again.
Sunlight – Outdoors (direct to half shaded), Indoors (well lit area, preferable near south facing window)
Size of Plant – 9.8ft to 19.7ft (3-6m)
Size of Fruit – 1in to 1.8in (25-45mm)
Seeds – 8 to 12 seeds per fruit
Taste – Sour but the peel is sweet


Cooking (Baking to meat marinades)
(Calamondin Crinkle Cookies)
(BBQ Chicken Skewers)

Drinks (lemonade to mixed drinks)
(Calamondin Juice)
(Thai Basil & Calamondin Vodka Gimlet)

Essential oils (produces from extracting oils from the rind)
(Info on Calamondin Essential Oil)


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