Plant Tip – Meyer Lemon Citrus Tree

Plant History

GrowScripts Plant Nutrition Products for Meyer Lemon Citrus Trees
  • Cross between a Citron and a Mandarin/Pomelo Hybrid
  • Introduced to the US in 1908 from China
  • Commonly grown in China in garden pots as an ornamental tree
  • The original Meyer Lemon were symptomless carriers of the Citrus tristeza virus and were banned were spreading this devastating virus to healthy fruit trees
  • The Improved Meyer Lemon was introduced in 1975 by the University of California
  • The Improved Meyer Lemon is the Meyer Lemon you see in the Garden Centers today


Zone – 8-11
Temp – 70 to 90 degrees F (temps below 55 could effect growth)
Cold Hardy – 20 degrees F
Water – Like most citrus plants do not overwater! Place in a well draining pot and allow the soil to dry to a depth of 1in before watering again.
Sunlight – Outdoors (direct to half shaded), Indoors (well lit area, preferable near south facing window)
Size of Plant – 9.8ft to 19.7ft (3-6m)
Size of Fruit – 1in to 1.8in (25-45mm)
Seeds – 8 to 12 seeds per fruit
Taste – Sour but the peel is sweet

Container Plant Care

  • Plant in a well draining pot (for inside plants use a saucer to catch excess water)
  • Use well draining soil (soil with a mixer of sand, perlite, and bark) Regular potting soil can hold excess water and damaging the roots
  • Use a GrowScripts Citrus Care Kit (Kit includes all the items listed below as well as a calendar on when and how to apply each one)

Nutrients Needed to help Maximize your plants health and fruit production


Cooking (baking to meat glazes)
(Meyer Lemon Bars)
(Baked Ham with Sticky Meyer Lemon Glaze)

Drinks (lemonade to mixed drinks)
(Meyer Lemonade)
(Meyer Lemon Martini)

Essential oils (produces from extracting oils from the rind)
(Info on Lemon Essential Oil)


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