Plant Tip – Key Lime Citrus


GrowScripts Plant Nutrition Products for Key Lime Citrus Trees
  • Key Limes also know as Mexican Key Limes, Bartender’s Lime, and West Indian Lime
  • Native to Southeast Asia
  • Introduced to the West Indies and the Florida Keys by Spanish explorers
  • Since the North American Free Trade Agreement, many of the Key Limes on the US Market are grown in Mexico, Central America, and South America
  • The Oxford English Dictionary dates the first use of “key lime” in 1905
  • Normally picked while fruit is still green, will become yellow when ripe


Zone: 8 – 11
Hardiness: 32 degrees
Plant Size: 6.5ft to 13ft tall
Fruit Size: 1-2 inches in diameter
Sun: 10hrs (full sun)
Soil: Well Draining
Watering: Keep soil moist but not saturated with water

Container Plant Care

  • Plant in a well draining pot (for inside plants use a saucer to catch excess water)
  • Use well draining soil (soil with a mixer of sand, perlite, and bark) Regular potting soil can hold excess water and damaging the roots
  • Use a GrowScripts Citrus Care Kit (Kit includes all the items listed below as well as a calendar on when and how to apply each one)

Nutrients Needed to help Maximize your plants health and fruit production

  • Granular fertilizer (use as a top dressing on the soil every 3 months)
    Micronutrient foliar spray
    (use to correct yellowing leafs)
  • Beneficial Soil Amendment (helps improve conditions of the soil and hold the nutrients and just the right amount of water in the soil)
  • Nature Friendly Insect control (used to kill harmful bugs that could damage or infect your citrus tree)
  • Soil and leaf conditioner (used as a “washing” to remove buildup on leaf to promote better photosynthesis)
  • Soil Drench (Helps reinvigorate depleted soil and increase cation exchange capacity)


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Key Lime Pie Cocktail:
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