This area of our site is the source for all things citrus (lemon tree, lime tree, orange tree, etc.) related. Our founder has been in the Ag industry and focused on citrus for many years. His aim for GrowScripts is to bring the right tools and products from the commercial sector to the homeowner. It all started with micronutrients and. Now it has blossomed into fertilizer and care products geared toward citrus trees indoors and in the yard.

At GrowScripts, we want you to be successful and grow via citrus proven products. We first bring products from successful manufacturers in the industry. And secondly, formulate cutting edge products in-house to ensure that the best ingredients are delivered. Thirdly, we believe that bigger is not better. It is not a miracle to grow vibrant, healthy citrus with optimum inputs to equal optimum results. Grow healthy fruit with care products that consider the overall tree from top to bottom. Inside this section of the GrowScripts site is a resource of Q&A that you can use to see what others are experiencing first hand when growing. Today you can get answers to questions you ask, and most of all, be inspired by what can be done via citrus tree growing at home.

Lastly, there are always questions beginning with “My Citrus Tree is…” We want to be the resource for growing lemon citrus and lime citrus at home. Get results just like the grower does when it comes to dark vibrant colored leaves, delicious and healthy fruit from the likes of lemons, limes and even oranges. And most of all, grow without chlorosis displaying as yellowing leaves. Use our GrowScripts myCitrusTree resource pages today!