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Certainly, the three biggest things that affect plant success are:

First, Fertilizer. Second, Plant Nutrition. Third, Water.
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Overall, plants can be classified into different description:

For example, solanaceous, fruit, grain, root, etc. 
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Our Mission

To deliver green thumb success across the land by lending Mother Nature a helping hand. With this in mind, we seek to use the approach of optimum banding for success in the field, and also in the backyard. As a result growing fruits and vegetables is important to human nutrition. We are always on the lookout for material that does due diligence in explaining the plant world and its importance on the “human” world.

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Our Solution

Without doubt our solution is to deliver proven products, innovative formulas, and how to information, that everyone can use. Furthermore, we are building a library of material that aids in helping understand the importance of plant nutrition and what it brings to us the humans that enjoy and consume them. In closing, if you have a source to share with us reach out to