Join the ranks of nurturing right along side Mother Nature?

The GrowScripts Citrus Tree Care Subscription program couldn’t be simpler. Select one of our great subscriptions, pay one low monthly fee, and we send just what your citrus needs — right to your door. No more buying so much product you could start a grove. No more forgetting what you’ve already purchased. And most importantly… No more forgetting when to feed your newest family member!

How it Works.

  1. ADD TO CART: Add the Citrus Prescription Program for the size of your tree to your shopping cart.
  2. CHECKOUT: *All the information we need is entered during the checkout process.

We take over from there!

  1. Depending on the month you signup for our citrus growing subscription we send your initial product for application, then from there on out…
  2. We send, direct to your door, the right products to apply every month. NOTE: Some months contain multiple products for application.
  3. You receive the product, apply the product, and rest easy knowing your tree is getting what it needs for optimal health and vigor throughout the year.

Below is an example of how the GrowScripts Prescription Program for small citrus trees works:

Subscription CostComparative Product Cost From Store
You Signed Up:
Month 1
Depending on the week you enroll we send you the product(s) recommend and you apply—It’s that easy.
6.99/Mo. Small Rx
$12.99/Mo. Large Rx


  • No More Bulk Products to Store
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Expert Growing Schedule
  • Delivery Direct to Door
  • Shipping Included
  • Products the Pro’s Use

Other Subscription Examples:

Netfix: $6.99-$22.99/Mo.

Sirius Radio: $8.25/Mo.
Combined price for store product and equipment purchases:

Micro: $29.99
Copper: $29.99
Hort Oil: $20.00
Conditioner: $20.00
Fert: $10.99
Sprayer: $9.99

TOTAL: $120.96
Your First Full Subscription Month:
Month 2

Based on a weekly schedule we send you the products to apply:

Week 1: None
Week 2: None
Week 3: Product
Week 4: Product
Your Subsequent Months:
Months 3-12

Based on a weekly schedule we send you the products to apply:

Week 1: Product
Week 2: None
Week 3: Product
Week 4: None


“We don’t sell products. We lend a helping hand…” GrowScripts was started on one simple premise… To give homeowners the same success as professional growers. When building the GrowScripts model my biggest interest was to deliver stellar products, and how to information, for green thumb success.

As a result we’ve embarked on delivering revolutionary product combinations never before available. From handy care kits that encompase eveything needed to grow fruit trees, to stand alone products formulated from top quality ingredients, we are always being told that we are spot on when it comes to homeowners growing their prized possessions in their backyard.