Don’t toss a crop for loss. Because there’s something to get out of it! GrowScripts is interested. We want the “stuff” not useable! For any reason!

Additionally, many in the industry say that there is no part of the plant leftover. We agree 100%! Others say hemp waste is inevitable. Moreover, some say there has to be a way implemented to deal with it. Likewise, some states have even put actions in place. States are definitive about how growers can dispose of waste “properly.” As a result, our goal is to work direct with growers for a portion of success. Not complete destruction of a crop.

We are looking for:

  1. CBD Hemp Biomass – the type used for CBD production[1]
  2. Fiber Hemp Biomass – the kind used for alternative use[2]
  3. Legal cannabis crops – the type that is grown in approved THC states.

Our interest is in fresh field debris and fresh processing debris. 

Above all, we are interested in any part of the plant that is not being used. Below are a few example:

  • First, trimmings from the field.
  • Second, shucked leaves during the harvesting phase.
  • Third, plants pulled from production due to lackluster genetics.
  • Fourth, “hot” fields regulated for destruction.
  • Fifth, plants that are diseased and need to be removed from production. 

In conclusion, we believe we have uniquely identified ways of working with the grower. Moreover, we want to make something out of what otherwise goes to waste. 

Furthermore, if you would like to know more about our approach toward hemp, contact us by emailing

New Guidance on Waste Disposal for Hemp Producers

On January 15, 2021, the USDA published its final rule on US hemp production. The rule, which became effective on March 22, 2021, expands and formalizes previous guidance on hemp waste disposal of non-compliant or “hot” crops (crops with a THC concentration above 0.3 percent). Importantly for the industry, the new disposal rules remove unduly burdensome DEA oversight and provide remediation options.

 By Stephanie McGraw, Emily Seller “Cannabis Industry Journal”

USDA Approved Destruction Methods To Destroy Hemp Crops.

Plowing Under Hemp DestructionAg Production Activity: Curved plow blades rotate subsoil to surface and bury crop of hemp waste below.

USDA Compliant Outcome: As a result, “Green Manure” hemp biomass amends soil directly from crop.

Mulching/Composting Hemp DestructionAg Production Activity: Hemp biomass cut and blended with manure or other biomass material.

USDA Compliant Outcome: As a result, “Green Manure” mulch mixed with manure or other biomass.

Discing Hemp DestructionAg Production Activity: Leveling of field (hemp biomass) using tow-behind disk implement.

USDA Compliant Outcome: As a result, “Green Manure” amends soil directly from crop while leveling field.

Bush Mower/Chopper Hemp DestructionAg Production Activity: Commercial lawn mower used to shred and mix thick hemp biomass vegetation.

USDA Compliant Outcome: As a result, “Green Manure” shredded biomass (hemp waste) decomposes into soil.

Deep Burial Hemp DestructionAg Production Activity: Fields are trenched, surface soil with hemp waste, is buried at depth of at least 12”.

USDA Compliant Outcome: As a result, field biomass is buried in trenches and covered with soil.

Burning Hemp DestructionAg Production Activity: Setting fire to specific fields for hemp biomass or biomatter (hemp waste) piled on the field.

USDA Compliant Outcome: As a result, fields are cleared of all plant material.