While this is just a starting place… Our goal of this page is to start the process of working together for hemp waste disposal. We are bringing recycling to our hemp industry. We want the “stuff” not used!

Additionally, many say that there is no part of the plant leftover in the Hemp industry; we agree 100%! Others say hemp waste is inevitable, and that there has to be a way implemented to deal with it. Some states have put actions in place and are definitive about how growers can dispose of “waste” properly… Our goal is to help the process and form relationships where we all can win.

To better explain what we are looking for, here are two definitions:

  1. CBD Hemp Biomass – the type used for CBD production[1]
  2. Fiber Hemp Biomass – the type used for alternative use[2]

At GrowScripts, our interest for hemp biomass is in field debris and CBD processing debris. Better put, we are interested in any part of the hemp plant that becomes hemp waste. Such as:

  • Trimmings from the field;
  • shucked leaves during the harvesting phase;
  • plants pulled from production due to lackluster genetics;
  • “hot” fields regulated for destruction.

In closing, we believe we uniquely have a way of recycling hemp biomass. If you would like to know more about our approach toward hemp waste, contact us by e-mailing gs@growscripts.com.

New Guidance on Waste Disposal for Hemp Producers

On January 15, 2021, the USDA published its final rule on US hemp production. The rule, which becomes effective on March 22, 2021, expands and formalizes previous guidance related to hemp waste disposal of noncompliant or “hot” crops (crops with a THC concentration above .3 percent). Importantly for the industry, the new disposal rules remove unduly burdensome DEA oversight and provides for remediation options.

 By Stephanie McGraw, Emily Seller “Cannabis Industry Journal”