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Q:  I’m wondering if there are any treatments I should be administering to my trees. I have (2) Meyer lemon trees, (1) lime tree, and (1) Temple orange tree. They are all relatively young….+/- 2” trunk. My temple orange came with a tag (ISD Treatment – Imidacloprid Soil Drench) that stated the tree needed retreat after specific date.

Thank you for the question. Your question is a very good one that requires a little bit of information detailed out. Here is what we would like to answer for you and your citrus trees:

A: First. ISD treatment is an Imidacloprid treatment. Citrus-producing nurseries are government mandated to do treatments for all citrus trees leaving the premises. Therefore, that means there is a tag placed on every tree, so the garden center that gets it will retreat as required.

Second. Homeowners are not required to do the re-treatment once the tree is home. But you can if you wish. You can go away from this ISD treatment, however your tree may need a little more care against insects… But other products are available. For instance, a product like Thyme-Guard and a good fertilizer/micronutrient product helps you and your citrus tree out tremendously.

Lastly. Here is a link for the GrowScripts Products in a kit form: Citrus Tree Plant Food Nutrition for Lemon, Lime, Orange Trees (

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