ISD Treatment Question

Q:  I’m wondering if there any treatments I should be administering to my trees. I have (2) Meyer lemon trees, (1) lime tree and (1) Temple orange tree. They are all relatively young….+/- 2” trunk. My temple orange came with a tag that stated the tree needed to be retreated.

A:  The treatment you mention is an Imidacloprid treatment and it is mandated for the nursery to do it for all citrus trees leaving the premises. What that means is that there is a tag on the tree so that the garden center that gets it will be able to retreat.  You don’t have to retreat but can if you wish…

Here is a link to explain more about what you are asking:

If you choose to go away from this treatment know that your tree will need a little more care in our opinion… T-Guard from GrowScripts and a good fertilizer / micronutrient product will help you out tremendously.

Here is a link for the GrowScripts Products in a kit form:

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