Small white bugs eating my lemon tree.

Q: Small white bugs are eating my newly planted Myer Lemon tree’s leaves. What can I do to prevent this from continuing?

A: First, there are many products we could recommend for the small white bugs issue you are having. For instance, we would recommend Thyme-Guard, which is an all-natural product made from the Thyme plant. Thyme-guard is a contact insecticide and work well. Just know that you will need to apply it a more often as it is an all-natural remedy. After that horticultural oils for controlling insects on your citrus tree. For instance Neem oil and others are some. 

Here is the link for the Thyme Oil:

In closing, at GrowScripts, we believe that healthy plants are better equipped to defend themselves from pests and not be “desirable” to insects when they are in the continuous care of feeding NPK’s and Micronutrients. For instance, this article talks about white bugs; however, those white bugs may not be present if the plant is at its optimum health via citrus tree feeding of micronutrients and fertilizer.


Identifying “White” Bugs

While we can lump most bugs into a category of something we don’t want, we also need to identify them from time to time. Here are a few images and names of the types of white bugs you may find on your fruit.

White Bug

Snow Scale

Citrus snow scales primarily attack the tree's trunk and large limbs but can be found on leaves, twigs, and fruit...


The whitefly injures the plant by consuming large quantities of sap, which it obtains with its sucking mouthparts.

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