Your grapefruit citrus tree can be grown indoor and out with the proper amount of care and attention. Below is a stepping stone of application times that GrowScripts recommends when you ask the question… How do I care for my grapefruit tree (Duncan, Flame, Marsh, Pink, Ruby Red, Star Ruby & Pummelo)?

PRE-BLOOM Ca-Mg-B for Bloom, Phite, Trivium 18-5-10 Control Release Macro Feed, Amender Soil Additive
POST-BLOOM Valet, Amender Soil Additive, 18-5-10 Control Release Macro Feed
EARLY SUMMER Citrus Tree Micronutrient Nutritional, Karben-L Active Soil Drench
SUMMER 1 Citrus Tree Micronutrient Nutritional, Amender Soil Additive, 18-5-10 Control Release Macro Feed
SUMMER 2 Valet, Citrus Tree Micronutrient Nutritional
EARLY FALL Citrus Tree Micronutrient Nutritional,  Valet, Karben-L Active Soil Drench

*Above chart is a condensed version of the complete GrowScripts recommended program. Inside our kits is a replication with suggested application times; our monthly prescription programs deliver complete GrowScripts grow program