You’re one of many that have the itch to grow a tomato on the balcony in the city or in a container on the patio; even maybe one that has them in the garden where you have the space.  Let’s challenge you to produce some of the best in your neighborhood! Our GrowScripts recommendations are so easy that you will have a great time nurturing you plant to produce the best, most healthy tomatoes around. Below is a inside look at what we like to suggest growing tomatoes when people ask… How do I grow my tomato plant?


At transplant into container or ground

Amender Soil Additive

After Transplant

Karben-L Cold Water Extracted Soil Drench

1-Week After Transplanting

T6 Organically Derived Granule Fertilizer; Karben-L Cold Water Extracted Soil Drench
4-Weeks After Transplanting Phite; T6 Organically Derived Granule Fertilizer; Liquid 936 Macro Plant Nutrition
8-Weeks After Transplanting Ca-Mg-B; T6 Organically Derived Granule Fertilizer
9-Weeks After Transplanting
Micronutrient Nutritional (a.k.a. Vitamins)

*Above chart is a condensed version of the complete GrowScripts recommended program. Inside our kits is a replication with suggested application times; our monthly prescription programs deliver complete GrowScripts grow program