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Peaks and Valleys of Fertilizing and Using Nutritional Supplements

There are many peaks and valleys in a growing season. Add plant nutrition into the mix, and you can quickly become overwhelmed with what to do and when to do it.

There are various stages of a plant’s growth. Growth, Reproduction/Production, and Dormancy. Understanding these stages is essential when feeding your plants for the miracles it can bring during the growing season.

It does not matter if you grow indoors or outside. The principles of nutrition are the same. You need to apply the peaks and valley techniques to heighten your plant’s vigor and production. Fertilizing at the opportune time ensures that your plants are getting the macros they need. By going a step further and adding in a micronutrient supplement, you will elevate your plants’ health to the most optimal level. After all, our objective is to get the most from our plants.

Here is one way to look at plant food nutrition. There are peaks and valleys throughout its life cycle with every plant. The observance of peaks and valleys will turn fruitful if we manage both fertilizers and add nutritional supplements into the mix. Different amounts, and various elements, are needed at different stages. For example, Nitrogen is excellent as a high number during the growing cycle. Still, when fruit set and fruit development are in effect, the larger number often needs to be potassium. Pair that approach with minor elements, and you can have a balanced nutritional schedule throughout the life cycle of the plant by looking at a peak and valley application approach.

When to Fertilize with Macro’s

We can start our first peek at the planting stage. We want to have good root development and growth to begin, so a regular fertilizer application is right. Then there will be a bud stage — right when the flowers are about to pop. At this stage, there would be another fertilizer application. After the fruiting and harvest have taken place, the plant may want to go into dormancy, and this is where another application may help. Plants can go dormant and store energy. This gives a full flush when it is ready to go in the Spring.

When to Add Minor Element Nutrition

Adding minor elements can occur at the time of fertilization because trace elements are with your fertilizers. However, just because minors are in the NPK’s, you should still pay particular attention to the valleys that happen from when you initially fertilized and opt for a straight nutritional application in between NPK applications.

No matter what stage your plants are in… If they show symptoms of being tired, add a nutritional supplement. It should improve our green friends’ overall appearance and health. An example of this is the use of Gatorade®. The sports drink is used when the human body needs electrolytes because of depletion. In-plant, this is no different. If elements are in the fertilizers, there is a chance they have been depleted or have become bound in the soil, which renders them useless by the plant. While there are many reasons to add nutritional applications to your growing regimen, I would suggest it for your plants’ health. Healthy Plants Equal, Healthy Fruits, and Vegetables.

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