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Boost the potential of your garden with our Tomato & Pepper Complete Care Kit, expertly designed for both container gardens and large in-ground setups. This comprehensive care package from GrowScripts includes everything you need to cultivate vibrant tomatoes and spicy hot peppers. Our specialized Granule Fertilizer ensures a slow, steady release of essential NPK nutrients along with trace elements, fostering sustained growth and robust plant health.

Maximize Your Harvest with Our Tomato & Hot Pepper Fertilizer Care Kit

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$24.30Sale Price

10% Memorial Weekend Sale

  • Choosing our Tomato & Hot Pepper Fertilizer Care Kit means investing in the health and productivity of your garden. The addition of calcium is particularly beneficial for tomato and pepper plants, helping to prevent blossom-end rot and promote stronger, healthier growth. By using this kit, you are ensuring that your garden not only survives but thrives, yielding an abundant harvest of juicy tomatoes and fiery peppers.

  • Add this kit to your cart today and watch your culinary garden flourish. Enjoy the rewards of growing your own organic tomatoes and peppers, enhancing your meals with fresh, vibrant flavors straight from your garden.

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