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Yellow Leaves - Rescue & Relief Easy Care

Yellow Leaves - Rescue & Relief Easy Care


Get two products to correct yellow leaves and protect plants and trees without harsh chemicals. The Nursery Shot Care Kit includes a 0.5-oz. Humic Acid Blend and a 0.5-oz. Liquid Micronutrients. This one-time mix and apply solution ensures no waste and provides essential nutrients to improve plant health. Perfect for addressing nutritional deficiencies quickly and effectively.


    This kit includes everything needed to correct yellow leaves and enhance plant health:

    • One 0.5-oz. Humic Acid Blend
    • One 0.5-oz. Liquid Micronutrients

    These products are designed to work together to provide essential nutrients and correct deficiencies.


    This Nursery Shot Care Kit delivers:

    • Correction of yellow leaves
    • Protection for plants and trees
    • Easy, one-time mix and apply solution

    GrowScripts kits are safe and made under strict quality control standards in the USA. Our products help your plants thrive without using harsh chemicals.


    Optimize your plant and tree health with our Nursery Shot Care Kit. The included Karben-L and Liquid Micronutrients play a vital role in correcting yellow leaves and providing essential nutrients. Enjoy a quick and effective solution with no waste and ensure your plants receive the care they need.

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