All Purpose House Plant Fertilizer - 8oz

This all-purpose house plant fertilizer and vitamin boost is for your plants!

GrowScripts all-purpose houseplant fertilizer is a formulation of macro- and micro- nutritional elements that all plants need for optimum growth and survival. It is applied as a liquid drench and/or foliar spray, which may facilitate increased use of nutrients where they are needed within the plant for increased strength and vigor.


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All Purpose House Plant Fertilizer - 8oz


Healthy plant tips with this all-purpose house plant fertilizer:

If you notice black or brown leaves, this could be a sign of cold injury. Keep your plant in a warmer area where the temperature is above 50° F.
Remove any twisted or stunted leaves, rinse your plant with water, and treat with pest control for indoor plants.
Yellow or falling leaves may be a sign of low light or relocation shock. To remedy, repot your plant and transition to an area with adequate lighting.
Keep up your monthly fertilizer rotation or switch to bi-monthly applications if you notice few or no blooms.
Ensure you maintain regular watering and keep your plant’s soil moist down to two or three inches.

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