Calcium+ Nutrient Formula – 8oz

Optimize plant health with GrowScripts Calcium Plus Magnesium and Boron Product – the ultimate nutrient supplement for your plants! Nitrate form calcium and magnesium provide easy absorption, allowing your plants to quickly make use of essential nutrients.

  • Added boron helps to regulate key plant processes, such as cell division and sugar transport. When healthy fruits and vegetables start showing up, you’ll know it was all thanks to our formula!
  • Our Calcium Plus Magnesium and Boron Product is made with the highest quality ingredients – no fillers or artificial ingredients included. It’s the perfect solution for a bountiful, beautiful fruits and vegetables.
  • Forget about nutrient deficiencies and say hello to a thriving veggie garden, or fruit tree, like never before with our effective formula!


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Introducing the GrowScripts Calcium Plus Magnesium and Boron Product – the ultimate solution to optimize your vegetable plant’s health and boost its growth! Loaded with nitrate form calcium and magnesium, this specially designed plant nutrient supplement ensures that your plants receive the best possible nutrition for a healthy life cycle.

But why nitrate form calcium and magnesium over other types? The answer is simple – nitrate form calcium and magnesium is the most efficient and easily absorbed by plants. Nitrate is the most preferred form of nitrogen by plants, making the absorption of calcium and magnesium both quick and efficient. This means that your plants can quickly utilize the nutrients, leading to a significant boost in their overall health and growth.

What’s more, our Calcium Plus Magnesium and Boron Product comes with added boron, a mineral essential for overall plant development. Boron helps to regulate essential plant processes such as cell division, sugar transport, and yield production.

Made with the highest quality ingredients, GrowScripts Calcium Plus Magnesium and Boron Product is the perfect solution for anyone looking to achieve a beautiful and bountiful vegetable garden. So, say goodbye to nutrient deficiencies and hello to healthy, thriving plants with our innovative and effective formula. Try it out today and see the difference for yourself!

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