Fruit and Vegetable 8-6-6 Granule Fertilizer


With safety in mind, this granule plant food fertilizer gets formulated from ingredients from the earth. Mixed in an 8% Nitrogen, 6% Phosphorous, and 6% Potassium, we encourage you to give this stuff a try. See the results.


First, DID YOU KNOW: Fruit and vegetables will be profoundly affected by the use of essential elements. Second, Did you know these elements are most often deficient in old and tired soils—especially those growing in a container garden. The reason is because leaching of the “good stuff” happens every time watered. Therefore, a remedy is using safe fertilizers. Thus, granule plant food is perfect for replenishment.

Because Replenishing Your Fruit & Vegetable Container Garden Is Essential

Restore and sustain NPK elements for plant growth. This 8-6-6 granule plant food has extra minor elements. They are perfect for tree fruit and vegetable growing.

Additional information

Weight 57 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 5 in

1.5 Cup, 6 Cup, 12 Cup