Lawn Care SeasonSmart 1000: The Premier Year-Round Program for 1000 sq ft Turf

Elevate your lawn care with our Comprehensive Lawn Care SeasonSmart Program, designed exclusively for 1000 sq ft of lawn. Our carefully curated monthly products from March through October provide everything your yard needs to thrive, with no unnecessary treatments during the dormant months. Experience the simplicity of direct-to-door delivery with our premium blends, including a balanced mix of essential nutrients and optional treatments to enhance growth, color, and health. With an average monthly cost of just $8.29, achieving a lush, vibrant lawn has never been easier or more affordable.


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Introducing the Ultimate Comprehensive Lawn Care SeasonSmart Program, your key to unlocking the full potential of your 1000 sq ft lawn. This meticulously designed program spans from March to October, aligning perfectly with your turf’s active growth phases to deliver just what it needs, when it needs it. Say goodbye to the guesswork and hassle of lawn maintenance with our direct-to-your-door service, ensuring your lawn receives the highest quality care at an unbeatable value.

What’s Included in Your Plan:

  • March & July & September: A robust application of our “866” blend, delivering 10 lbs per 1000 sq ft to kickstart and sustain growth during critical growth periods.
  • April & August: Our “MICROS” concentrate, an 3-oz ‘sto dilute and apply, ensures your turf receives essential micronutrients for optimal health.
  • May & October: “UREA” treatment, a high-nitrogen content formula to promote vigorous, green growth.
  • June: “CALCIUM NITRATE” treatment for those looking to further enhance their lawn’s stress tolerance and overall vigor.

With no applications needed from December through February and again in November, our plan respects your lawn’s natural lifecycle, avoiding over-treatment and focusing on delivering value where it counts.

Why Choose Our Comprehensive Turf Plan?

  • Cost-Effective: At an average monthly cost of just $8.29 per 1,000 Sq, Ft., including shipping, you’re investing in premium lawn care without breaking the bank.
  • Ease of Use: Each product is accompanied by clear, simple instructions for application, making it easy for homeowners of all experience levels.
  • Tailored Care: From essential nitrogen boosts to optional enhancements, every aspect of our plan is designed to address your yard’s specific needs through each season.

Commit to excellence in lawn care with our Comprehensive Lawn Care SeasonSmart Program. We guarantee your 1000 sq ft of turf will be healthier, more vibrant, and more resilient, all with minimal effort on your part. Start today and watch your yard transform into a lush, inviting outdoor space.

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