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Get two products to aid in correcting yellow leaves. Protect plants and trees without the use of harsh chemicals. What’s best is that this Nursery Shot is a one-time mix and apply so that you have no waste left.


  • One 0.5-oz. Karben-L
  • One 0.5-oz. Liquid Micronutrients


If you have yellow leaves (chlorotic), it can be a sign of nutrient deficiency. This Nursery Shot is ideal for reviving color and bringing back plants that may be displaying yellow leaves. If your plant does not get fed, it will become tired like we humans would if we did not eat. Give your plant or tree a boost with proven products.

GrowScripts Micro- Nutrient Essentials are vitamins for plants. This product includes the vitamins needed by plants. The Karben-L product is an excellent additive because it contains humic acid, a chelator for micronutrients, which allows for better uptake.

Karben-L Active Carbon

A product derived from naturally occurring peat humus, Karben-L provides beneficial humic acid directly from Mother Nature. First, applied as a soil drench, Karben-L reinvigorates and encourages healthy soil biology. And second, as a foliar additive, Karben-L is a chelation carrier aiding in the uptake of essential elements in plants.

Quick tip: Active carbon is a beneficial product that puts the good stuff back into the soil.

Foliar Micronutrients (a.k.a Vitamins) for Tired Plants

Because micro-nutrients are most often deficient in plants, this formulation prevents and corrects micronutrient deficiencies when used as directed. Which means that applications on a routine basis may reduce stress. And furthermore, increase growth and vigor.

Quick tip: Minor elements are essential in plant growth and vigor.

Additional information

Weight 15.00 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 2 in


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