Sell GrowScripts today if:

You’re constantly asked about how to feed & care for fruit trees?
You’re trying to help customers who think they have a black thumb?

Do you have confused customers that aren’t sure where to start, and are afraid to mess up?

Do you want repeat customers?
Do you want to make it easy for your customers?

Did you answer yes? (Come on, we know you did.) Don’t worry. We have a solution.

Give your customers GrowScripts!

Just like a meal prep kit, GrowScripts gives plants exactly what they need at the time they need it for one growing season so they’ll use it up and be back for more.

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Everything’s inside!
GrowScripts 1-, 2-, and 3-, product combinations, and plant care kits, have everything your customer needs for one season of successful growing. GrowScripts knows you have to “Feed the Top” and “Feed the Bottom”…, Our products do just that. They include:

Plant food
Foliar micronutrient vitamins
Soil Amendments
Leaf conditioner
All-Natural Insecticide / Anti fungal/bacterial spray

They’ll use it up and be back for more!

Give GrowScripts a Try!

Starter packs for Northern & Southern Territories come with:

3-tier display shelf with shelf talker to quickly explain product to customer
Assortment of 25 regionally-appropriate kits that retail between $18.99 and $20.99

A $450 value for just $300!