Amender Beneficial Soil Additive


Amender Beneficial Soil Additive is a beneficial additive for mixing with potting soil at the transplant stage, or for top-dress applications in containers. With Amender’s unique blend of beneficial constituents its benefits are:

  • Healthier conditions for vigorous root systems
  • Increased water-holding capacity
  • Reduced need for soil applied fungicides
  • Healthier and greener plants
  • Aids in nutrient retention


Amender Beneficial Soil Additive helps feed plants essential elements for growth and reproduction. Because Amender is for top-dressing of soils that have been around for months and even years it “preps” the soil and replenishes what may have leached away. In addition, Amender helps ion exchange. From naturally occurring active carbon humus, Amender is multi-functional in the way it works:

  • Humic increases the water-holding capacity of the soil and may help to increase micronutrient uptake
  • Carbon feeds and supports the biological populations in the soil

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1.5-cup Approx. Coverage: 7.5 Sq. Ft., 2.0-tbsp. Approx. Coverage: 1.88 Sq. Ft.


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