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Proven 3-4 Mo. Fruit & Citrus Control-Release Fertilizer


The proven fruit & citrus control-release fertilizer that is coated to assure nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium distribution over many months. Apply and walk away! GrowScripts Trivium green colored fertilizer includes the essential elements needed that citrus and fruit trees need. With suggested application time 3-4 times a year there is no better fertilizer.

Inadequate nutrition is one of the most serious problems faced when growing plants in containers and in the ground. With top quality ingredients, from macro- nutrients to micro- nutrients, growers trust the proven fruit & citrus control-release fertilizer and it is bound to make a difference in your plants success. Net Content: 4.5 Cup; Maximum Coverage: 22.5 Sq. Ft.

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This grower proven 18-5-10 fruit & citrus control-release fertilizer is our best-selling fertilizer for continuous feed that lasts for months. Growers use it for effective nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium (NPK) feeding when growing long term crops such as orchard trees and grove trees (Apples, Oranges, Lemons, Limes, Cherries, Peaches, Plums, etc.)

  • Control-release properties to feed for months
  • Suitable for fall applications to be ready for spring-time growth
  • Should be applied continuously; overlapping feed optimizes plant food delivery
  • Restores and sustains macro- and micro- elements critical for plant growth
  • Enriched with elements for the availability of trace elements to the roots
  • Perfect for tree fruit and long term container plants

Behind This Proven Control-Release Fertilizer

If you see any plant nutrients in a store that has a green color, it is the same technology as our fruit & citrus control-release fertilizer; but available only to growers. Until now! GrowScripts Trivium products are available under approval to consumer and emerging markets. Because we know how well the product works we worked hard for the only industry approval to bring you the best fruit & citrus control-release fertilizer. If commercial citrus tree growers use the product they must know there is something exceptional about it

Sized just right for the home with little space this Trivium fruit & citrus control-release fertilizer is available in other sizes such as our 4.5-lb. bag, which can be viewed here. Above all, our approach is to offer enough product to do the job and not create waste. We like the environment and are avid gardeners just like you.

We love Mother Nature and say our products are nature-friendly because they are built with the environment in mind. Our vision is to offer the same tools that growers have; our experience comes from the commercial industry to evaluate and understand what products work. As a result we assess and test rigorously to validate bringing the right products to you.

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