Sprite Tree 
Cocktail Citrus Tree – 1 Lemon & 1 Lime


What is the Meyer lemon / Key lime Sprite tree cocktail citrus tree like?

  • 2 trees, one pot; lemon and lime
  • Small compact growing habit
  • Great for container and garden pot growing due to its size and year-round fruiting
  • Everbearing (Blooms year round) – Produces bloom and fruit year round
  • Great for indoor and patio enjoyment
  • Container Citrus Cocktail Tree – Two (2) citrus in one pot (Lemon and Lime)
  • Keep your Cocktail Citrus tree in the decorative pot
  • USDA certified grower and shipped direct to your door
  • Shipped Size: 18-24 inches
  • Tree Size: (Lemon and Lime): Perfect for indoor containers; Mature tree HT/WD: 2-4 Feet
  • Can be grown indoors in container, outdoor cold tolerance is 40F
  • RESTRICTIONS: Cannot ship to AZ, CA, HI, LA, TX, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Northern Mariana Islands due to Federal regulation; CAN NOT SHIP live trees to Canada because of certifications
  • Ships in black nursery container; wooden container not included

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Trademarked as a Cocktail Citrus Tree, the combination of a Meyer lemon and a Key lime citrus tree gives us a tree we nickname the “Sprite” tree which gives you a taste of both worlds. In the Sprite Citrus Tree you get a Meyer lemon that is less acidic, and a Key lime that is higher in acidity, making a great pairing for a container citrus plant. Both citrus fruits are known for ingredients recipes, most notably, the Key lime is the ingredient in Key lime pie.

How often does a Sprite Tree Cocktail Citrus Tree bloom, flower, and have fruit? Both varieties are everbearing, which means that you can experience tree bloom throughout the year.

What is the size of a Meyer lemon fruit? The size of the Meyer Lemon citrus fruit is medium-sized at roughly 2 1/2 – 3 inches

What is the size of a Key lime fruit? The size of the Key lime citrus fruit is roughly 1-2 inches.

What is the Meyer lemon / Key lime cocktail citrus tree like?

  • Small compact growing habit
  • Lemon fruit is low in acidity; Lime fruit is higher in acidity
  • Excellent for container and garden pot-growing due to its size and year-round fruiting

How long for Cocktail citrus tree fruit to ripen? Generally, Cocktail citrus tree fruit take roughly 6-9 Months from bloom to fruit.

How big does a Cocktail citrus tree get? In a patio container, the tree will only grow as large as the roots will allow, making the tree a somewhat dwarfed size.

How to care for a Cocktail Citrus Tree? Our goal is for the tree to be kept in the pot, and indoors for common area experiences. Care for the Lemon Lime Sprite Tree is simple. Feeding and watering are the most important things. Learn more by viewing our plant care page.

Complete citrus tree care packages, and single products, can be found at GrowScripts.com. Additional citrus tree tips can be found at My Citrus Tree.

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Cocktail Citrus Tree – 1 Lemon & 1 Lime