Complete Grow and Bloom Nutrition Care Kit

$14.99 $13.99

Complete Grow and Bloom Nutrition Care Kit

$14.99 $13.99

A GROW and BLOOM care kit combining products used to care for small 1-5 gallon sized plants from start to harvest. With all things needed within this plant care kit, everyone can grow right from the beginning. Each step is explained with the included weekly grow schedule. Now growing just got a whole lot more comfortable with the GrowScripts GROW option that provides feed and care from transplant to harvest.



Grow and Bloom Indoor Plant Fertility

We like to see a trend of growing a plant indoors. Especially in those ares where it is legit! From little green plants to massive buds that talk when you walk by we are happy to see the trend of growing indoor. Just because there is “another” houseplant doesn’t mean that you have to treat it the same why you do the others. This green rush is something of a heavy eater and demands attention even when you think everything is o.k.

The choice of bringing this plant indoor for grow and bloom means that your going to want to be proactive at growing; and that is why we created GrowScripts. It is not just about the products. It is about the products and using them in a proactive way. Plants are just like humans and they gear up for the big time when it comes to expending energy. Flower and set is the most energy the plant will spend and without the proper tools at hand success will be doomed.

>> Here’s a link that helps grow and bloom indoor

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