EXCLUSIVE 3-5 Gallon Plant GROW Bucket Soil & Fertility Kit


EXCLUSIVE 3-5 Gallon Plant GROW Bucket Soil & Fertility Kit


Our complete GROW Bucket includes everything needed for one cycle from transplant to veg and flower to harvest. With a top tier soil that sets the foundation for a 3-5 Gallon container to a combined 25 units of product to care for your plant from mother to harvest combining eight (8) different products inside this innovative “handle” bucket you are able to achieve green thumb success right from the beginning. With soil and each step explained in the included weekly schedule growing just got a whole lot more comfortable with the GrowScripts GROW bucket that provides soil, feed and care from transplant to harvest.

  • 0.601 Cu. Ft (72-Cups) of specialty blended soil optimized for a 3-5 Gallon container. Our soil contains a proprietary mixture of peat, sawdust, small to medium chuck mulch, compost, perlite, and coir.
  • Four • 3-oz. packs of 15-5-10 granule fertilizer with minor elements and a special control-release nitrogen for extended feeding
  • 2 • Amender Retaining Beneficial Soils for transplant and rejuvenation of beneficial soil biology
  • Three • 15-mL sized vials that make 1/2 Gallon (64-Oz.) of Ready Root product for use in clone and transplant establishment of roots
  • 6 • Pipettes that make a combined  96-oz. of essential element product for plant feeding of micronutrients which include Magnesium (Mg), Sulfur (S), Boron (B), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), Molybdenum (Mo)
  • Six • 4-mL bloom-time element [Calcium (Ca) and Boron (B)] pipettes making a combined 96-oz. of ready-to-use product ideal for bloom/flower
  • Two • 4-mL pipettes that make 32-oz. of Thyme-Guard’s All-natural insecticide/fungicide for use if needed
  • Two • 4-mL Phite NPK foliar products to make 32-oz.
  • *Included: Weekly calendar with directions on exactly what to apply and how to apply the products each step of the way.


GrowScripts GROW Bucket Soil & Fertility Kit for 1-2 Plants

  • This plant loves sulfur; high nitrogen presence may lock out sulfur, so a good sulfur source is critical.
  • Optimization of plant nutrient inputs is essential in plant health. Regular EC readings should be taken and recorded. We like the HANNA Instruments EC Reader.
  • With observation, nutrient deficiencies can be remedied by targeted micronutrient applications to the leaves of the plant, otherwise known as foliar feeding.
  • With proper care, well-rooted, sturdy plants can be grown in 4 to 5 weeks. Plants can be cultivated in container soil, Coco Coir, or hydroponically.
  • The best soil pH is 6.2 to 6.5.
  • The light source and a nutrient balance will be critical in optimum growing for high yields. Our recommendation is to grow using adjustable spectrum LED or natural sunlight. HPS lighting can be used but generates a lot more heat…
  • Mature plants need about 1.5-2.5 gallons of water per day. Smaller clones and starts require less.
  • Calcium and Boron inputs should be steady from veg to flower. These elements are critical to any plant for cell wall development, flower encouragement and overall plant strength.
  • NPK Ratios are suggested to change from Veg to Flower Stages. Many nutrients are sold in A, B solutions for this reason. Some companies add a “C” version in as well.
  • Seed growth and clone growth accomplish the same thing however seed growth may produce a little more hearty plant to the naked eye. Clones are a match that comes from a Mother plant so characteristics are known. Start with a seed and once able to go for cuttings that you can root from the original plant grown from seed.
  • Many organic gardeners use insecticidal soap and Botanicals (Thyme-Guard) with fair success. A general purpose garden insecticide applied according to label directions will control some pests. Spider mites, although not insects, can cause serious injury to the foliage.
  • ***Assumptions to this program. This will be for a variety that will be flowering around 65-70 days after transplanting.


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