Citrus Tree Care Kit


Citrus Tree Care Kit


An easy to use CITRUS TREE PLANT FOOD CARE KIT to grow lemon trees, lime trees, orange trees, and tangerine trees with the same quality fertilizer and micronutrients as the groves in Florida and California do. This Citrus Tree Care Kit has everything inside that is needed for year-long feeding and care. No more buying products one by one off the shelf; follow the application calendar inside for suggested applications to take your trees from happy to elated. See results like dark green color, healthy root systems, increased sugar in fruit, and flower/bud development.

Plant Food Care Kit Includes:

  • 3.0 cups Poly control-release NPK fertilizer
  • 1.0-oz. citrus tree micronutrient concentrate
  • 1.0-oz. helper bloom-time nutrition
  • a BONUS all-natural insecticide/fungicide/bactericide
  • Plus a year-long application calendar for what to apply and when


A fertilizer set with six elements that provide the appropriate amount of nutrition for your Citrus. Now you have an option for feed and care throughout the season. What this means is that you get top-grade products that are intended to be used in combination with one another throughout a season to optimize growing success, fruiting success, and overall plant health. Offering a DIY solution, this kit gives quick results, including an increase in buds and blooms within one to two weeks, and it is also cost-effective. Growing your own food just got a whole lot easier!


GrowScripts kits are safe and long-lasting. Made under strict quality control standards in the USA, our fertilizer for plants is safe to use and proven to help your Citrus without using dangerous chemicals on the fruit you want to eat. Our poly coat control-release fertilizer is good for months, and it is environmentally friendly.

Our safe and proven products optimize plant health by considering the approach of feeding the top and the bottom of plants. Our Citrus Micronutrient fertilizer is essential for plant growth and plays a critical role in balanced crop nutrition for your citrus lemon tree, citrus lime tree, citrus orange tree, citrus tangerine tree, a citrus grapefruit tree, and citrus cocktail tree.

Additional information

Weight 32.5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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