Container Vegetable and Herb Plant Food Care Kit


  • VEGETABLE FERTILIZER – Treat your container vegetables to a little T.L.C. with the help of this comprehensive kit that nourishes and enhances plants. This kit comes with high-grade plant food and plant vitamin nutrition. Grow bigger, healthier vegetables more easily with our special formula plant food kit.
  • GET YOUR GREEN THUMB – Increase the number of blooms on your plants with this excellent fertilizer kit. This kit contains everything needed for you to help you be the green thumb of your neighborhood. Take the guesswork out of gardening with this easy to use plant food care kit. Wow, your friends today.
  • QUICK RESULTS WITH ESSENTIAL MICRONUTRIENTS (A.K.A. Vitamins) – This comprehensive plant care kit also comes with pre-measured concentrate for ready to spray vitamins. Our kit also includes plant nutrition for blooms. Micronutrient fertilizer is essential for plant growth and plays a vital role in balanced crop nutrition for your vegetable plants.
  • SAFE TO USE AND LONG LASTING – Made under strict quality control standards in the U.S.A., our plant food and plant nutrition for plants are safe to use and proven to help your plants without using dangerous chemicals on vegetables that you want to eat. Our slow-release fertilizer is good for months. This fertilizer is also environmentally friendly, as well as being safe to use on your vegetables.


Be the green thumb in your neighborhood! With a fertilizer set that provides the appropriate amount of nutrition for your vegetables, growing your own food just got a whole lot easier! Our plant fertilizer kit considers the overall plant, at the right time, and can help in reviving those lost causes. Offering a DIY solution gardeners have been seeking for decades, this fertilizer gives quick results, with many of our satisfied customers seeing fantastic results, including an increase in buds and blooms within one to two weeks. The essential micronutrients will help to correct sick or yellow plants and assist them in growing healthy in an environmentally friendly manner.

GrowScripts is cost-effective and will give you great results fast. Take the guesswork out of plant care with this intuitive vegetable fertilizer care kit. GrowScripts is the next step in growing your garden successfully. We provide a simple, user-friendly, way to nurture trees, flowers, vegetables, and lawns without all the guesswork. We’ve developed products and instructions that anyone can use. Best of all, we’ve seen the results directly from university research, cooperative extension services, and grower testimonials. So, you can rest easy knowing that the plant food and plant nutrition you are using are the very best, and time-proven to be safe for your vegetables.

Our safe, proven products optimize plant health by considering the approach of feeding the top and feeding the bottom of plants; an essential vitamin approach used in addition to regular NPK fertilizers. Put GrowScripts in your gardening arsenal when it comes to growing in your backyard or on your patio. We’ve cut down the size of the product that would normally have to be purchased, and as a result, GrowScripts saves homeowners hundreds of dollars by delivering just the right amount of product for the individual time of application. Take the guesswork and hassle out of gardening with this easy to use fertilizer.

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Weight 4.5 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 2 in


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