Foliage 8-3-8 Liquid NPK Plant Food Concentrate - 8oz


Foliage 8-3-8 Liquid NPK Plant Food Concentrate – 8oz


Spray everything that is green and grows with this exclusive 8-3-8 foliage product. The pros know what the difference is when applying to the leaves of the plant, and we want everyone to experience the same results. For results mix one ounce of the product with 1-gallon of water, spray and walk away. Concentrate mixes 1-oz. per 1-gal. of water 9-3-6 all-purpose plant food Ideal for everything green and grows.

  • QUality ingredients for better fruits and vegetables
  • Optimized plant food for uptake and delivery within the plant
  • Prevents and corrects chlorosis (yellowing plants)
  • 8oz covers approx 2,500 sq.ft.


Complete NPK fluid plant food/fertilizer formulated with macro- elements that, support GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT & PRODUCTION via this single product.

A MUST HAVE for preventing and correcting plant health problems. Naturally SAFE for KIDS, PETS and the ENVIRONMENT when used as directed. Science suggests that maintaining optimum plant health may be achieved by foliar feeding.

Additional information

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 in


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