Large Super Hot Ghost Pepper Plant Food Care Kit


Large Super Hot Ghost Pepper Plant Food Care Kit


A Plant food and vitamin CARE KIT FOR SPECIALTY PEPPER PLANTS. We’ve reduced the portion size to eliminate storage concerns and allow for easy plant care. Our goal with this plant food care kit was to help grow success. Pepper plants can be quite exciting to garden and share even in the urban and patio setting.

Everything Inside to Grow Ghost Pepper Plants, Green Pepper Plants, and/or Hot Pepper Plants

  • 2 1.5 CUP Trivium T6 (N6-P6-K6) Granule Fertilizer; Covers Approximately: 15 Sq. Ft.
  • 2 Micronutrient Plant Vitamin Nutritional Concentrates: Makes 0.5 (64-oz.) Each;  Covers Approx: 312 Sq. Ft.
  • 2 Bloom-Time Plant Food Vitamin Nutritional Concentrates: Makes 0.5 (64-oz.) Each; Covers Approx: 312 Sq. Ft.
  • *Extra: Calendar with suggestions on exactly how to apply the products and when


A fertilizer set with elements that provide the appropriate amounts of plant food fertilizer for your pepper plants. Now you have an option for feed and care throughout the season. What this means is that you get top-grade products that are intended to be used in combination with one another to optimize growing success, fruiting success and overall plant health.

Offering a DIY solution this kit gives quick results including an increase in buds and blooms within one to two weeks and it is also cost-effective. Growing your own food just got a whole lot easier!

GrowScripts kits are safe and long-lasting. Made under strict quality control standards in the USA, our fertilizer for plants is safe to use and proven to help your hot pepper plants without using dangerous chemicals on what you want to eat. Our NPK fertilizer is developed from nature friendly elements and is environmentally friendly.

Our safe and proven products optimize plant health by considering the approach of feeding the top and the bottom of plants. This comprehensive plant food care kit for hot pepper plants comes with concentrate plastic pipettes: foliar micronutrient nutritional and liquid bloom-time nutrition formula.

Our foliar micronutrient vitamins are essential for plant growth and plays an important role in balanced crop nutrition for your plants.

Additional information

Weight 32.5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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