Live Lime or Meyer Lemon Citrus Tree Subscription

From: $32.97 for 3 months

Live citrus cutting is rooted and ready for planting in a small 4” to 6” or smaller container. Because your adding style to your window sill, desk at the office or any room in the house we will send you everything needed to plant your tree right away; and get it of to the best start possible with a proper feeding of fertilizer and micronutrients.



We’ll send you monthly products to take care of your smaller sized plant/tree. Plus we will set you up with a FREE live Meyer lemon citrus tree, or selected lime tree, rooted cutting and everything needed (fertilizer, nutrition, soil, etc.) to plant and care for your lemon / lime tree for the first time.

Our rooted cuttings are sent direct for the citrus tree nursery where they are cared for under strict guidelines. If you’ve seen trees in the store there is a good chance those trees came from the same place these will be coming from — Record Buck Farms.

NOTE: Live citrus tree start is rooted and ready for planting in a small 4″ container. *Container/planting pot not included.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 10 in


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