Easy 12-Month Small Indoor Citrus Tree Care Subscription

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Because you already added style to your window sill, desk at the office or any room in the house we will send you everything needed to care for your tree each month. Get your tree of to the best start possible with a proper feeding of fertilizer and micronutrients.

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We’ll send you monthly citrus tree care subscription products to take care of your smaller sized lemon tree, lime tree, tangerine tree, orange tree or grapefruit tree. We will set you up with monthly deliveries of everything needed (fertilizer, nutrition, soil, etc.) to care for your lemon / lime / orange / tangerine / grapefruit tree for the season.

Growing a Citrus Tree Indoors

Martha Stewart might have been the one that put growing citrus trees indoors on the map. But there are many out there that have added to the craze and we thing it is only fitting to share their stories.

F.A.Q.’s About The Small Citrus Tree Care Subscription

Are your products safe?

Our products are made using what we like to call “Nature Friendly” ingredients. What this means is that we seek quality ingredients that are either mined from the earth, or developed to protect the environment.

Can I cancel?

Absolutely. While we encourage you to get in touch with us first to make sure everything is being done correctly we do understand that you may want to cancel. The only thing is that we would not be able to refund the amount used during the months products where shipped.

Is there anything special I need to do?

Nope.  We set up this prescription program to get you the products needed for green thumb success. Our goal is to get the products in your hands so your little green friend can be happy.

How can I pay for a plan?

We accept all forms of payment; and Paypal too! VISA, Master Card, Discover or American Express.

Do you have any coupons?

Coupon codes can be used at checkout. From time to time we offer special deals and those would be emailed to you or a friend.

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